- the preparation for Christmas

Advent is the time of preparation for Christmas, for many people the most beautiful time of the year. It's also known as the most silent time of the year.

Advent season starts at the first Sunday of Advent (we call it "Adventssonntag"), which is always between the 27th of November and 3rd of December each year and ends on Christmas Eve.
With the "first advent" the new church year begins (in catholic and evangelic

Where does the name "Advent" come from?

The name "Advent" comes from the Latin word "adventus" and means "Arrival".
In the 5th century advent was celebrated in the Area round Ravenna (Italy) for the first time.

Pope Gregor the Great established the number of Advent Sundays. Until then there was always a changing number up to 6 Sundays. The four weeks stand for 4000 years, in which humanity (after Christian calculation of times) had to wait for Redeemer's Arrival.
In former years the time of advent was a Christian time for abstinence.

Advent tradtitions

Advent wreath
Most families celebrate advent with an Advent wreath, festive decorated wit
h four candles.
The wreath is mostly made of thin fir twigs. It's a very young custom, which was adopted from most of t he German and Austrian families at the beginning of the 19th century. The Advent wreath stands for the Christian fight against darkness of life.

The first Advent wreath in Germany was set up by Johann Hinrich Wichern (see picture) in 1839 in front of a home for orphaned kids.
On a wooden wheel 23 candles were set. Four big white ones stood for the Sundays until the Day of the Christ, 19 small red candles for the weekdays until Christmas. Every day the kids lit a candle so that all candles were lit on Christmas Eve.
Since 1860 Wichern used fir wreaths.

Typical for the (German) advent season is to bake "Christstollen" (I think in English it's called "stollen" as well). The eldest Christmas Bakery was mentioned in 1330.

Advent singing:

To join in the silent advent season in many areas of Austria and also in parts of Germany the traditional "Advent singing" takes place.
In Salzburg (Austria) Advent singing began as a small, private festivity in 1946 and advanced with an audience of 40.000 visitors each year to the third most important Happening in Austria.
In many German cities each year an international singing takes place.

And finally, our Advent wreath:

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Blogger Suni said...

Very informative. Keep it coming :D

12/05/2006 4:16 pm  
Blogger Missy said...

Super Blog! Ich gelehrt viel. Danke.

I am going to share the address to this blog with my German classmates.

12/05/2006 5:11 pm  
Blogger Coco said...

Hi Sonny - very interesting blog. We celebrate Advent here in Canada, too, and because much of the community I grew up in is of German lineage, we also have Stollen. We've never had an Advent wreath like that, though. How beautiful!

12/06/2006 2:29 am  
Blogger Wystful1 said...

Happy Advent to you Sonny! What a glorious way to tell us the reason, and historical value of your celebrations!

I enjoyed reading it a lot.
Won't you add a link to the parade page I cam from, so others can come join us?

^this is the link url!!


12/06/2006 1:07 pm  
Blogger DK said...

Hi Sonny and Merry Christmas! Love your Christmas blog. I am of German heritage, but I never knew about all these wonderful traditions - I'm afraid we've bent them up a bit. Hope you have a bright and joy-filled holiday. Drop by my blog anytime you are in the neighborhood!

12/08/2006 10:54 am  
Blogger Sanni said...

Ahhhh, endlich darf ich hier mal ein paar Kommentare lassen - Blogger mag mich zZt nicht so gern =)

Der Kranz ist zuckersüss! Lustig, dass Du dieses Jahr auch etwas dunkelrotes ausgewählt hast... ich auch. Und das, obwohl wir beide sonst blaue Kränze hatten.


12/08/2006 9:53 pm  
Blogger TopChamp said...


Will certainlyl be back.

12/09/2006 4:04 pm  
Blogger Michelle said...

Thanks for the lesson. Most people dont know about advent. Here is my link for the holiday parade:


12/19/2006 8:21 pm  
Blogger lee woo said...

My normal life is like being on holiday. See the link below for more info.


8/29/2016 7:55 am  
Blogger Shea Kang said...

To succeed we must BELIEVE that we CAN.
It's a great pleasure to read your blog. Keep on sharing some kind of knowledge. Have a good day :)

1/23/2017 2:10 am  

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