Nikolaus didn't forget me!

Sorry I didn't post this earlier, but I was very busy within the last two days.

Nikolaus didn't forget me! As I said, he just didn't have my new address!! He brought my little gift to my daddy's house.
I got a Christmas-Cactus and a Stutenkerl.

Now, I guess, you wonder what is a "Stutenkerl". It's difficult to explain coz there's no english word for it. Maybe you can compare it a little with the Gingerbread-Man. That's the way it looks like. (Nearly)

Stutenkerl is a typical german "cake" children get for Nikolaus-Day. In some regions it's also called "Weckmann". It's made of milk, butter, sugar, eggs, flour. It tastes sweet and I prefer to eat for breakfast with a little jam on it. *yummy*

I found a recipie for Weckmänner (wich is the same). If you're interested to have a look you'll find it -->here<--. I hope you like it.


Blogger Gattina said...

I only know it as Weckmännchen and never heard the other word. And we didn't get it zum Nikolaus sondern im Oktober an St. Martins Tag. I lived in Bonn. Je nach Ländern, andere Sitten ! auch im eignen Land !

12/10/2006 3:20 pm  

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